Rock Creek Christian Academy is a college-preparatory high school offering a wide variety of classes.  We currently offer six Advanced Placement classes.


  • RCCA is accredited by both ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) and MSA (Middle States Association).


  • Currently, 100% of our graduating seniors are accepted into colleges and universities across the country. Some are: University of Maryland, College Park, Loyola University, Spelman College, George Mason University, Towson University, and St. Johns University.


  • Our high school staff consists of caring, dedicated teachers who seek to help students reach their full potential.


The following is a list of course requirements for grades 9-12.

9th Grade


  • Bible

  • English Gramma

  • Literature

  • Algebra I or Algebra II

  • Biology

  • World Geography

  • Health/Physical Education

  • Elective

10th Grade


  • Bible

  • World Literature

  • Geometry

  • Chemistry

  • World History or AP European History

  • French I

  • Elective

11th Grade


  • Bible

  • American Literature

  • Algebra II or Pre-Calculus

  • Physics

  • U.S. History or AP U.S. History

  • French II

  • Elective

12th Grade


  • Bible

  • English Literature or  AP English Literature and Composition

  • Pre-Calculus or Calculus (Honors)

  • U.S. Government or   AP U.S. Government and Politics

  • Elective

AP Courses Offered


  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • English Literature and Composition

  • European History

  • U.S. Government and Politics

  • U.S. History

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